Joe On The Go

Monika and Tony were high school sweethearts back in 1983. Twenty one years later they were reunited thanks to the internet. They met in Baltimore for a weekend reunion that forever sealed their fate. Tony quit his job, sold his house, and headed west to Monika’s hometown of Austin. As soulmates, they were ready to start a new life and a new business, but what?

No longer wanting to “work for the Man”, they knew they had to be their own boss. They pondered from one cafe to the next, drinking cups, and cups, and cups of coffee. Then one summer morning, while at a local java house, they were mesmerized by a passing breakfast taco delivery van. Like caffeine jolting the brain, they raised their coffee mugs and exclaimed, “Hey, what if we...?”

Trained in the art of coffee brewing as baristas, they bought an RV, retrofitted it into a mobile espresso bar, and started shooting up North Austin offices with caffeine. Buzz along the word, they're coming to hook you up.


                                        Monika and Tony

The ‘Joe On The Go’ Story

News Eight Austin’s Joe on the Go feature (QuickTime required).

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Tony and Monika (2010)

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